Interview Process

28 photos; 3:54 video

    Damn it was already past four o’clock, James thought to himself.  His interview was supposed to have been at two.  That jerk had made him wait over two hours.  

    If James hadn't’ needed this job so badly he would have walked out.  But he did it very badly.  He had been out of work for the last year and his wife had finally declared that either James come home with this job or he find a new home.  And this was a really good job if he could get it.  A salary in the high six figures, benefits and he would be assistant to Marcus Polawski,  considered a genius in his field.   A year working with Polawski and James could write his own ticket.

    It was now 4:20 pm and James was getting bored with the three month old issue of People he had been reading over and over since he got here.    

    I had better get this job, James thought to himself.

    “Mr. Oxford?”, a voice caught James by surprise.  Mr. Polawsky stood before him.  James hadn’t even heard him approach.  “I apologise for the delay. I had some things to .. tie up in my store room.  If you are ready we can begin.”

    “Uhh of course.  No problem.  I uhh have a copy of my resume...”
    “No need.  I assure you I would never have agreed to meet with you if I hadn’t already researched you in the smallest detail.”

    James wasn’t sure he liked the sound of “researched”.  But Polawsky was rich and if he got this job then it wouldn’t matter.  

    “However there are certain traits that I require in a personal assistant.”


    “Yes.   This job is very demanding, you see.  The turn over rate is just atrocious.  I haven’t been able to keep an assistant for more then a month.”

  “Well I assure you I am committed to making you happy, whatever you need me to do.”, James said and almost regretted it as a strange look crossed Polawsky’s face.

    “Well Mr. Oxford, let us cut to the chase then.  For me to be certain you are qualified, I need you to take part in a rather unorthodox test.  You must trust me and do whatever I say.”
    “Of course.  Whatever you want, Mr. Polawsky.”

    “Good.  Then lets get you tied up.”


    I need this job, I need this job , I need this job, James repeated to him self as he twisted his hands, now tied securely behind his back.  The bondage wasn’t uncomfortable but it was secure.  Polawsky must have been a boy scout or something.  James had barely agreed before he found himself trussed up as if Polawsky tied up men in his office all the time.

    “Uhh ok.  Well I don’t understand what this has to do with... MMMMmmmppphh!” James was cut off as tape was wound around his head, gagging him tightly.  He was then pushed gently onto a chair where more rope was tied around his knees and ankles.

     “Ahh now that you’re comfortable, I need to attend to some other things.  Don’t go anywhere.”

    Go anywhere?!  James stared in disbelief as Polawsky left him bound and gagged.  James had no idea how much time passed but his patience was wearing out.  James shifted uncomfortably in his seat.  It was hard to relax when tied up.  James wiggled his hands but the rope didn’t give any slack.  James also tried moving his jaw but the tape gag held it firmly shut.

    “Mmmm?”, James let out a tentative moan.  Then “Mmmmm Mmmmpphhaammmm?!”.  James knew he was gagged but surely Polawsky could hear him.

    Maybe the test was to get free?  James was tired of being bound and gagged so  he could rationalise that it was.  However try as he might, James’ fingers couldn’t find any knots.  He struggled more and more but remained as bound as before.

    Fortunately James did still have some freedom of movement.  Carefully he got to his feet.  Maybe he could hop to something sharp and cut himself free.

    However, having never been tied up before much less so securely, James had trouble keeping his balance.  He tripped before he made it even a foot away from his chair.

    “Mmmmmm!  MMMMMMMM!!”, James moaned angrily into his gag.  He wasn’t hurt but he was frustrated and angry.  What the hell was Polawsky doing?  What kind of job required someone to be tied up and gagged?

    James perked up when he saw Polawsky re -enter the room. At last James could get untied.  He had no idea if he passed this crazy test but he was through with it.

     “Oh I am sorry I should have considered this.  Hold on please.”, Polawsky said as he reached down to help James sit up.  “I should have been more careful with you.  I will fix this.”

    But instead of untying James, Polawsky just hefted him up onto the small lobby table.

   James’ face went red with embarrassment as Polawsky’s hand passed over his captive’s body.  All that struggling and rolling on the floor had created some friction. And it had been so long since James’ shrew of a wife had given him any.  Great, now this guy thinks I’m a perv, James' thought.

     “Everything appears to be ok.” Polawsky said and effortlessly flipped his captive onto his stomach on the table. James now had to try to keep his balance on the very small space.  He wasn't’ sure if he was helped or hindered in this when Polawsky hog tied him.

    “After careful evaluation I have decided you meet my requirements.  I expect much from my employees. “

    Finally he would be untied!  James doubted he could handle another second being bound and gagged like a trussed turkey.  A wave of relief went through James and then quickly disappeared when Polawsky grabbed his coat and headed to the door.

     “I will expect you here at nine am on Monday.  Dress to impress.”

    But today was Friday!

The End
James Played by JMZ

Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 07/11/2009

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