The Chairman Of The Board, Part II: "Bondage Peril" - Video - July 22

9:43 video

The Chairman Of The Board has been forcibly taken from her home by an ex-employee whom The Chairman unjustly fired. Bound, gagged, put in her own vehicle, and whisked away without any one knowing a thing.
We pick up the story at the captor's secret hideout. The Chairman, tied and gagged with red duct tape, has no idea of what her captor has planned for her. With fear in her eyes, The Chairman tries to free herself, to no avail. Her cries for help go unnoticed. Her captor enters, takes several photos of her victim and then leaves. Upon her return, The Chairman's captor tells her of her plan to sell her to the highest bidder and disappear forever. As they speak, the offers for The Chairman roll in. The captor grins in glee that her plan is working and she soon will be very wealthy. And soon, The Chairman will receive her payback for unjustly dismissing the ex-employee. But, who will be her buyer? Where will she be taken? What will become of The Chairman?                                        

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