"Bombs Away!" - Photo Set/Video - Nov. 5

36 photos; 8:24 video

Hired to solve a Missing Person's case, P.I. Joyce Swanson stumbles upon a money laundering operation, spearheaded by the dastardly Carmen Baretta.In the midst of searching Baretta's hideout, Joyce Is captured by two of Baretta's henchmen, and tied and gagged.Her wrists tied and attached to the ceiling, Miss Swanson struggles to escape. In comes Carmen Baretta who binds her legs with duct tape and duct tapes Joyce Swanson to the hot water heater. But, Joyce now knows too much and must be eliminated. A timer for a bomb is activated and Baretta gives herself 5 minutes to escape her hideout before the bomb goes off,  eliminating Joyce Swanson in the process!Does she escape before the bomb goes off? Or does she perish amidst blown up rubble? You'll have to watch the video to find out!

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