"Back Alley Bondage", Part I - Video - March 19

7:53 video

A XXXX working on Zebra cat's turf will always pay in the end! Zebra Cat ensnares The XXXX with full zip tie bondage and a heavy tape gag. Bound, gagged, and helpless in the far corner of Zebra Cat's own alley. The XXXX has now become Zebra Cat's prey, to be used to make an example of. To show all of the other Hookers what happens if they work on Zebra Cat's turf. Soon, a noose is tied about The XXXX's neck and anchored in the alleyway, allowing no possible escape for the XXXX from her impending doom.........a time bomb that will be set to blow up the entire alley....with The XXXX right in it!


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