Back Alley Bondage", Part II - Video - March 25

7:53 video

Starring Joyce Alexander as "The Helpless Whore" and Amalieve as "Zebra Cat"

Zip tied, and tape gagged, a XXXXis being held captive at the end of an alley way by the diabolical Zebra Cat. To be punished for working on Zebra Cat's turf. Now it is time for Zebra Cat to secure the escort, to insure she stays put. A tight noose is tied around the neck of the whore and attached to the wall. Too much struggling, and the XXXXwill strangle herself. Next, Zebra Cat has built a primitive time bomb. Big enough to blow the entire alley up, making an example of the escort, for others to never invade Zebra Cat's turf! The explosive is placed next to the prostitute, and set to detonate in minutes. Doom is all around the prostitute, as she is about to be blown to bits!

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