"The Retraction Notice" - Photo Set/Video - May 4

36 photos; 12:14 video

The Nosy Reporter returns, having written a very unfavorable article about Fashion Designer Ruth McNally, accusing her business as being a front for drugs, XXXX, and gambling. Ruth, completely exposed in The Nosy Reporter's article, decides to take matters into her own hands.

The Nosy Reporter is captured, bound and gagged, and held captive by The Fashion Designer. The terms of The Reporter's captivity are quite simple. The safe return of The Nosy Reporter to her newspaper, in exchange for the newspaper completely retracting any previous, unfavorable comments made about her, or her business!

The newspaper agrees, but it will take several days until the paperwork is complete and in print. So, The Nosy Reporter will see another day. But will have to endure several days of captivity before her release. What will happen in that time?

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