Jamie gets buzzed

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There's something interesting about some of these fetish models. (Yeah, I know we're not supposed to give away secrets of the business.) Some of them really don't want to come on set. Yeah, have an orgasm. The big O.

Instead, they'll take damn near any punishment you can devise for them.

That's kind of where Jamie Knotts comes in. She wasn't big on the whole XXXX orgasm thing, so she shied away from the vibrator. That's when we offered her some options. First, we bound her and exposed her pussy. Then, we attached the weighted clamps again.

She looks great with those pussy lips stretched like that, as you saw in the crotch rope session. But this time, there was no rope to hide what was happening ... and she was looking luscious. Apparently, those sore pussy lips couldn't handle that and she cried uncle.

We gave her the option of the vibrator, and she took it.

You could see the wheels spinning. It was going to be external, so she thought she could squirm her way out of it. And she did for awhile. But you can see the truth in her body. Look for the pointed toes, for her chewing on her lip, for her trying to hide her face by looking toward the ceiling.

She tried all her tricks, but she couldn't escape the truth: The vibrator won.

Sometimes things just work out, don't they.

(Note to the Jamie fans, and you know who you are ... There will be XXXX of her hooded and vibed as well as a bunch of outtakes from the sessions coming in July and August.)

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