22:46 video

Goldie Blair walks out to look for something in the garage.  She doesn't see the sticky glue trap that a shoe pervert has set up.  She steps right into it with her one leather boot.  She is stuck.  She pulls at it and can't get free.  As she struggles, her other boot gets stuck as well.  She has tried to use the zipper on her boot to set her feet free, but the zipper is jammed.  Miss Tiffany walks into the garage and sees Goldie in distress.  She tries to help her get free being sure to stay free from the glue trap.  She isn't pay attention and her sneaker gets in the glue and she is stuck.  They both struggling each trying to help the other when the other sneaker gets stuck as well.  What are they going to do.  Miss Tiffany figures it out that if she just unties her sneakers, she can free her feet.  Goldie explains about the stuck zipper, but a small miracle happens and she is able to get the zipper to work.  They both get their feet free and leave the scene. The shoe pervert comes back to get the sneakers and boots, and when trying to pull it off, realizes that they are so stuck, she can't even take them.  She will go get something to try to make the glue less sticky so she can retrieve her trophies.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  STUCK, BOOT FETISH, SNEAKER FETISH, BRUNETTE, BLONDES, BIG TITS, LEGS

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