13:32 video

Dr. Pierce (Caroline Pierce) has a phony practice where she controls the mind of her patients and gets them to do crimes for her.  She never gets suspected and the money rolls in for her from her mind slaves.  Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) suspects that there is foul play and decides to stop in unexpectedly.  Dr. Pierce plays the innocent doctor to Wonder Tomi who is not falling for her lies.  She is ready to take her in when Dr. Pierce puts her device in front of Wonder Tomi's eyes.  Wonder Tomi tries to fight it, but she is now under the control of Dr. Pierce.  The doctor makes her do humiliating things and even has her strip off her top and powerbelt with lasso.  She now has a powerful slave to add to her collection, but she needs to take her out of the mind control and get dressed again so she can use her in the future.  She makes sure that Wonder Tomi doesn't remember a thing.  Wonder Tomi is sXXXXped out of her trance and apologizes for wasting the doctor's time.  She has no clue that her mind belongs to the doctor as she leaves the office.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, XXXX STRIPPING, TOPLESS, NUDITY, SPANKING, HUMILIATION, FEMALE DOMINATION, MIND FUCK, BOOT FETISH, TIGHTS FETISH, GLASSES, BRUNETTE, ASIAN, LONG HAIR, JAPANESE

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