9:44 video

Super Sablique (Sablique Von Lux) gets home from a long day of crime fighting.  She sits down and removes her boots. The aroma catches the attention of a giant worm that has broken into her house.  He watches her and waits for his opportunity to eat her.  Super Sablique feels if she is being watched.  She sees in the dark shadows something.  She gets a closer look and still can't figure it out.  She tries to calm it down.  It seems agitated.  When she least expects it, she is pounced on. The beast starts to eat her.  She struggles and can't get free.  She is stuck as her long legs struggle to try to shake herself loose from its mouth.  It's no use.  She is a super food for this monster and it is clear that she is consumed when her leotard is burped out.  FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, VORE, ALIENS & MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, LEGS, AMAZONS, LEOTARD FETISH, FOOT FETISH, SOLES, POV, RED HEADS, LONG HAIR, ASS FETISH

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