9:49 video

Evil clone Wonder Tiffany (Miss Tiffany) has captured you, a superhero.  Shot POV, you are tied to a chair while she tells her how she is going to make you come to the dark side.  Her secret to her powers is her smelly, sweaty, stocking feet.  She unties you and XXXX you to go to your knees.  She pulls off her high heels and sticks her smelly feet in your face.  You are XXXX to worship her feet.  You feel her starting to mind fuck you after you have worshipped her feet for awhile.  You manage to break from the trance and pull out a special gadget.  You point it at her and she just laughs until you pull the trigger.  She starts to feel hot and she realizes that she is melting.  She slowly melts until all you see is her costume.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, POV, FOOT FETISH, SMELLY FEET, TIGHTS, SOLES, HIGH HEELS, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR

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