16:17 video

Jordan lays on the bed allowing Caroline Pierce to worship her feet.  She finally tells her to stop leaving Caroline wanting more.  Jordan teases her by saying...later.  Caroline has other plans for Jordan.  This foot party was just a ploy to get her here into her bedroom.  They hear a noise and Caroline asks her to check to see what is going on under the blanket.  There is a creature under there.  Jordan is startled when her arm is grabbed.  It pulls her under the blanket.  She struggles, but she is stuck. Her legs hang out, and Caroline takes the opportunity to start worshipping Jordan's feet some more.  Jordan gets slowly sucked in until her feet are just exposed.  We hear a crunch and then the feet go completely still.  Caroline continues to worship the now still feet.  Now there is no more struggling and she can really have fun.  She is so into the zone that her arm gets to close to being under the blanket.  The creature now has grabbed her arm and is pulling her under.  She is stuck and slowly being eaten as well.  Nice XXXX of her moving feet intertwined with Jordan's still feet.  There is a crunch noise and now the two sets of feet are both still as they slowly get consumed by the creature.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  VORE, ALIENS & MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, LEGS, FOOT FOOT FETISH, FOOT WORSHIP, SOLES, BLONDES, BRUNETTE

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