20:53 video

Tomiko walks into the garage to get something and doesn't realize that a villain has poured a very strong glue on the ground.  She unknowingly steps right into the glue.  She realizes that her sneaker is stuck and tries to get herself free.  While trying, she gets her other foot stuck.  She struggles for awhile and then realizes that she can simply untie her sneakers and slip her feet out.  She cheers for her brilliant thinking and sees a pair of boots hanging.  Excellent!  She can wear the boots so she doesn't get her feet dirty and leave the garage.  She puts the boots on but when stepping back, she forgets about the glue and her boot gets stuck.  She tries to get it free, but she is stuck.  Trying to get leverage, her other foot gets stuck in the process.  She tries, but she is really stuck.  We see the goo expand under the boot only to bring her back down to the ground.  She struggles so hard, she even falls down to the ground with her boots stuck. One boot actually breaks free while the other one is still stuck.  She manages to get her one foot out, and with the free foot as leverage, she finally gets free, but we here the sticky glue as she walks out of the scene with one boot still on.  FETISH ELEMENTS: STUCK, SNEAKERS, BOOT FETISH, GLUE, JEANS FETISH, PONYTAIL, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE, SOCKS

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