11:37 video

Tomiko is talking on the phone to her friend who she did the thesis for about legs controlling men and turning them into submissive slaves.  She tells her that every man that she tested became submissive leg puppets.  Crossing and uncrossing her legs created such a stir, that Tomiko decided to make her own webcam show.  With 20 guys waiting patiently, she tells her friend that she needs to hang up and start her cam show.  Her first cam show ever and it is a huge success.  Today's show will be about Leg Lesson of the day.  She instructs you as the viewer to take a drink every time she crosses her legs.  You watch her legs fixated on the shiny pantyhose and luscious thighs and calves.  She makes the suggestion that you become more and more dizzy each time.  In the end, she has you get down on your knees and be a pet to her.  You must follow along because you are completely captivated by her sexy legs.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  LEGS, CROSSED LEGS, PANTYHOSE, HIGH HEELS, MUSCULAR THIGHS, MUSCULAR CALVES, CALF FETISH, BRUNETTE, ASIAN, JAPANESE, LONG HAIR, MILF, POV

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