12:49 video

Aqua Girl (Jolene Hexx) is overseeing the testing of some special tights from a supposed representative of a company.  This is a set up. Dr. Professor Tomiko wants to shut down the Justice League for foiling her plans in the past.  She decides that she is going to make an example of what she is capable of doing one superheroine at a time.  She decides to start with Aqua Girl. Shot POV, Tomiko's gadget controls the tights that Aqua Girl is wearing.  She goes from not being able to move her legs, to her legs turning super cold..then super hot.  The tights become tighter and then looser with the touch of a button.  The real humiliation happens when the remote causes Aqua Girl to laugh so hard, she wets herself.  The last button causes 10,000 volts to the wearer of the tights.  Once she is wet it will electrocute her to where Aqua Girl is now a mumbling, incoherent, toe twitching, brain fried piece of seafood.  Who will the next superheroine be and what demise does Dr. Tomiko have in store???!  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, POV, HUMOR, TIGHTS FETISH, LEOTARD FETISH, WET AND MESSY, BLONDES, MIND FUCK, FOOT FETISH, SOLES, STOCKING FEET

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