13:44 video

Batgurl (Tomiko) gets home after a long day of fighting crime. She sees some cookies have been put in her house.  How nice!  It must be from commissioner Gordon!  She takes off her puts and kicks back eating the cookies unaware that she is being watched.  Shot POV, the evil baker, Pieman, walks in.  She finds out that the cookies are from him and that they have a special ingredient...expandough!   Batgurl doesn't feel well.  She is sluggish as she gets up.  She tries to punch Pieman, but she is so slow and misses him.  On her last punch attempt she falls forward and farts.  Pieman makes a comment about it and Batgurl is humiliated before being hit with a rolling pin.  She comes to in a room. Her nylon feet are tied together and she feels super heavy. She sees that her belly has become very big making it impossible for her to sit up.  The Pieman must add more air so he uses tickling as a way to get her body to suck in more air so the dough and can expand in her stomach.  She laughs and can feel herself getting bigger.  He decides to speed it up with a vibrator on her crotch making her suck in more air as she orgasms.  He speeds it up even more with a blow drier on her feet.  Sensing that she is ready to pop, he runs out of the room.  There is a scream and then silence behind the closed door.  We see flour all over an empty costume.  Now that Batgurl is gone, he could bring the uniform to Dr. Tomiko for her collection.  Who will be the next Superehroine to be a victim to Pieman?  FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, CATSUITS, XXXX ORGASMS, FOOT FETISH, SOLES, PANTYHOSE FEET, SPANDEX, MASK FETISH, WIG FETISH, HUMOR, POV, BOOT FETISH, FOOT TICKLING, TICKLING

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