25:19 video

The collector has set up a fake audition or a movie, "K Girls."  He has Tomiko, his main person, pretend that she is a casting director.   Cheyenne Jewel is the first one to arrive.  Tomiko has her go through her experience with fighting and putting people down.  She asks her about karate chops, pressure points, special rags, etc.  She even has her do a few scenerios for her where she acts as if she has taken a few of the different styles to see how her acting is.  Tomiko karate chops her for real and down she goes.  She drags Cheyenne away to another room.  Koneko is the next candidate.  She Koneko act out her skills for taking a karate chop and other methods to put a person down.  Tomiko, worried that Cheyenne may come to, leaves the interview for a second to check on her.  Cheyenne has left the area and Tomiko can't believe she is not there.  She gets a surprise attack from behind but manages to get Cheyenne back down with a karate neck chop.  Tomiko starts to strip her out of her dress, but Cheyenne was faking it and karate chops Tomiko back down.  Tomiko lays there while Cheyenne pretends that she is Tomiko's assistant.  She doesn't know that Koneko has put something in the drink.  Koneko is here to steal the script for someone she is working for.  Cheyenne is winded when she comes back and Koneko offers her a drink of water.  Cheyenne goes down.  Koneko starts to look through the script.  Tomiko comes to and returns to see Cheyenne on the ground and Koneko mentions that she just fainted.  She sees Tomiko looks a little parched and suggests the water.  Tomiko fake drinks it knowing that there is something fishy going on and pretends she is dizzy and falls to the ground. When Koneko leans down to check on her, she karate chops her in the neck.  The story is a back and forth with karate chops to the neck and different people going down.  At the end, they have a competition after they find out that this is to be hired as a special for Victor and only 2 out of the 3 will get the great paying job.  In the end, who will be the winners?  FETISH ELEMENTS: FETISH, PANTYHOSE, KARATE NECK CHOPS, FEMALE FIGHTING, LEGS, LONG HAIR, ASIAN, JAPANESE, STRIPPING, BRUNETTE, REDHEADS, BOOT FETISH, FOOT FETISH

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