10:41 video

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) just got home from a rough day of fighting crime.  She decides to get comfortable removing her boots and power items.  She hears the doorbell ring and goes to the door to answer it.  There is a mysterious package and oddly, it has been opened!  Wonder Tomi at first can't believe someone would have the nerve to steal something right at her front door, but she notices that there is an item inside of the package.  It looks like oil and it's not even a full bottle!  Wonder Tomi decides to try it out on her skin.  She removes her tights and bottoms so that she can try the oil out on her legs.  As the oil seeps into her skin, it begins to control her mind.  She doesn't realize that the oil is from the Mind Meddler, and it's mixed in with a mind fuck formula.  Wonder Tomi starts to feel it take over her mind.  Her hands roam around her body rubbing more and more oil into her skin.  She starts to feel very sexual and touches herself.  She allows the oil to penetrate her body.  She is getting prepped to be the Mind Meddler's key sex slave.  All primed up, Wonder Tomi is ready for her first customer.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, MIND FUCK, STRIP TEASE, ASS FETISH, LEGS, MUSCULAR LEGS, OIL FETISH, HAIRY, FOOT FETISH, ABS, BELLY FETISH, BELLY BUTTON FETISH, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, MILF

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