8:31 video

Tomiko sits across from you (shot POV). She has her legs crossed as she talks about the project.  Her high heels dangle on her feet and fall off a few times.  She reaches over, embarrassed, to put her heels back on as she continues to talk about the project.  She starts to feel a tight feeling in her chest and the room starts to get dizzy.  She unbuttons her one button from her blouse hoping that it will help her to breath a little easier.  It is getting harder and harder to breathe.  You ask her if she is OK and she tells you twice that she is OK trying to work through it.  She finally gives in and asks for help but has collapsed on the floor.  She comes to and asks you why you didn't get help.  She is upset but then is hit with a relapse and goes through another heart attack.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  CPR, POV, DANGLING, LEGS, HIGH HEELS, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, MILF, ASIAN, JAPANESE, SATIN/SILK

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