23:07 video

Tomiko's step-son has failed college.  He is lazy and unmotivated.  He likes the money his step-mom makes with her business but lacks work ethic. Shot POV, Tomiko welcomes her step-son (you) to her house.  She tells you that she has a great opportunity for you to work for her company.  Your title would be "Senior Executive Panty Drawer Manager."  Your job is to fold her underwear in a drawer and organize it.  You are also responsible for getting rid of any worn out underwear. You don't like this idea and turn to leave, but your step-mommy stops you.  She snaps her finger and you are transformed into a tiny man.  She puts you in the drawer with her underwear.  She repeats what your job is and tells you to get some rest.  She closes the drawer after giving you a crumb to munch on.  The next morning she opens the drawer and greets you wearing a towel.  She is talking to your aunt on the phone and ignores you.  You have had enough and try to escape, but her leg bumps you back into the drawer.  You land on your face and go to dreamland.  You are woken up when she opens the drawer to give you final instruction about her underwear.  She expects everything to be folded neatly and organized by the time she gets back.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  GIANTESS, POV GIANTESS, LINGERIE, NUDITY, ASIAN, MILF, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR

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