17:46 video

Savannah Costello comes home from work and sees a genie costume on the couch.  Super excited, she doesn't care where it came from.  She strips off her clothes and puts on the costume.  She feels so sexy.  She feels a strange electricity and she falls to the couch in dreamland.  When she comes to, her hair is in a ponytail and she is still in  the costume.  She feels like that genie from the show, "I dream of jeannie" and she decides to pretend she is one and does the head nod....she wishes for something and it happens.  First it is a bottle water.  She then wishes for dresses and they magically appear on her one at a time.  She is indecisive which one she wants and levitates them in the air.  Super excited she pops herself onto the couch.  She blinks up a wine, but then starts to feel naughty.  She replaces it with a vibrator.  While she uses it, things are flying through the air.  She has her orgasm and realizes that the living room is a big mess.  She nods and it is automatically cleaned. She blinks up a glass of wine again and starts to daydream about other things that she will be able to do with this new power.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, EFFECTS, STRIP TEASE, VIBRATOR, ORGASMS, BLONDES, PONYTAIL, HAREM GIRL, GENIE COSTUME, FOOT FETISH, BELLY FETISH, BELLY BUTTON FETISH

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