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This story takes place in an alternate version of earth where female empowerment has been moving backwards in the last few decades. We are now to the point where sexual harassment is not only no longer illegal, it is a right protected by law. Women are expected to be both intelligent and sexy. Tomiko works in HR for a large corporation. She has been instructed to make a training video for female employees. She is very gung-ho and totally a company girl. She is very no-nonsense and wants to make a very instructive video. She is not embarrassed by nudity at all and in fact is always worried that the she is not exposing herself enough on the video So that is the setup. Instead of scenes with dialog, I am going to list the items that are addressed in the training video, and have you create from there. Training Material consists of: Dress code: Very, very short skirt with a button up blouse that has only the 2 bottom buttons fastened. Underwear (bra, panties, pantyhose, etc) are strictly prohibited. Presentation: Standing: Feet slightly wider that shoulder with, never together. Hands should be side or back, never covering. Sitting: Always sit at the very front edge of seat. Place your back against backrest. Legs should be spread as wide as possible. Try to keep nipples hard and pussy wet. Interaction: Always stand close to male employees in case they want to touch you. Be courteous and appreciative if they take the time to do so. If asked to "present" lie on floor and spread legs wide. Formal Reports or Presentations: Always start the report by stripping naked. Always ask the person(s) if you can adjust your posture so they can have a better view. While giving the report periodically masturbate to keep audience interest and focus. When done with report masturbate until climax. Ask if there are any questions on report. FETISH ELEMENTS: VIBRATORS, ORGASMS, INSTRUCTIONAL, NUDITY, MUSCLAR WOMEN, STRIP TEASE, ASIANS, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, LEGS, MUSCULAR LEGS, FOOT FETISH

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