13:43 video

Officer Tomiko comes into the office to talk to her Chief Officer, Nyssa Nevers. She has the evidence from the big bust they did and just needs her to sign some paperwork so she can take the evidence to the holding area. Nyssa checks out the stuff and mentions to Officer Tomiko that they work these deals in a different way. They sell this kind of thing and just leave one bag in for evidence, so it doesn't look suspicious. She mentions that a cop's pay doesn't amount to much and this is how they make up the difference. Officer Tomiko likes to do things by the book and refuses to do such a thing. Chief Officer Nyssa takes matters into her own hands. She uses her special pepper spray and gets Tomiko in the eyes. Tomiko can't see as she tries to resist the burn. She is cuffed and XXXX to sit down. Nyssa tapes her up and stuffs something in her mouth and gags her. She does a hand over mouth while Tomiko is gagged as well. Officer Nyssa leaves with the evidence while Officer Tomiko is left to struggle. She gag talks and tries to get to the phone to call for assistance. Before she can make any headway, Nyssa returns with a different idea. She smears the evidence under Tomiko's nose and placed the illegal bag in between her legs. This frame should work out well. Tomiko will be blamed for all the other missing evidence! It doesn't pay to be a goody two shoes! FETISH ELEMENTS: BONDAGE, GAG TALK, STRUGGLING, TAPE BONDAGE, GAGGING, UNIFORM FETISH, FEMALE DOMINATION, HAND OVER MOUTH, PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS, HIGH HEELS, FOOT FETISH, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, MILF, DAMSEL IN DISTRESS, HANDCUFFS

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