15:40 video

SUPER DAKKOTA (Dakota Grey) flies back to the house to relax after a hard days work fighting crime.  She gets a call from what she thinks is a telemarketer.  She is hesitant when it is the talk show asking for her to be a guest.  She doesn't quite really commit to the idea of it when there is a sound that come through the phone.  She winces at the sound and disappears....reappearing on to the show, "Vore and More".  The hostess of the show, Tomiko, is dressed in a Halloween costume.  It's the Halloween special and so she assumes that Super Dakkota is dressed up as Super Dakkota at first.  When she finds out that she is the real Super Dakkota, she is thrilled.  She starts to ask a bunch of questions to a very confused Superheroine.  When things start disappearing...boots then her costume...Super Dakkota starts to freak out.  She really gets a shock when the large worm is popped onto the stage.  At first, she is a little frightened, but then remembering who she is, she starts to fight the beast.  The monster worm wins.  It starts to eat her.  She struggles and is stuck in it's hungry mouth.  We see great XXXX of her ass, legs, and feet as she slowly gets eaten.  The interview continues inside the belly of the giant worm.  With her poor attitude, the worm digests her all the way until there is nothing left.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, VORE, ALIENS & MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, FOOT FETISH, ASS FETISH, LEGS, BLONDES, MASK FETISH, BRUNETTE, BLONDES, LONG HAIR

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