16:11 video

Jolene Hexx and Caroline Pierce are burglars looking to steal some valuables from a house.  They split up looking through the house.  Caroline feels something in her boot and takes it off.  It was a pebble.  What is that smell???  It is her smelly sweaty sock and the odor smells like cheese.  A creature smells it, too, and it makes it hungry.  It's arms come out from under a table and grab the unsuspecting Caroline.  She is pulled under the table.  Her other boot falls off.  She is eaten whole and her clothes are all spit out after the monster has eaten her all up.  Jolene shows up and sees the clothes.  Thinking that Caroline is clowning around and running around naked, she doesn't think anything of it.  She gets close to the table and out comes the arm of the monster as it grabs her and starts to pull her under. She manages to free heself from the boot the creature has his hand on and she flees.  The door has been locked and she can't get out!  She flees to the front bedroom to try a window.  She doesn't see that the creature has followed her.  It reaches it's arms out and she is tripped to the ground where it starts to slowing pull her under.  She looses her other boot during the struggle and is eaten by the monster.  It spits out her clothes as well.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  VORE, ALIENS & MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, BOOT FETISH, SOCKS, STINKY FEET, LEATHER JACKET, JEANS FETISH, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, BLONDES

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