14:12 video

Super Gyrl (Evangeline Von Winters) enters the Freeze Master's lair.  She has no idea what she has coming to her.  A kryptonite light is on the ceiling and makes her weak.  She is put into dreamland and a special Krypton necklace is placed around her neck to keep her weak.  She comes to lay on the ground.  She stands up not knowing how this happened and is about to confront Freeze Master, when he pulls out his freeze device.  She is frozen.  He manipulates her body into different positions playing games with her freezing and unfreezing here whenever he wants.  He starts to remove her costume when frozen and only unfreezes certain spots on her so that she stands there humiliated and helpless.  The last humiliation for her is when a vibrator is strapped onto her forcing her to have an orgasm.  She is so embarrassed and humiliated standing there as a frozen statue when only her head and mouth could move.  He lets her know that it is now his turn to cum, and she whimpers at the thought of what is to come.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, FREEZE, FORCED STRIPPING, NUDITY, VIBRATORS, ORASMS, FORCED ORGASM, LATEX, HUMILIATION, DOMINATION, WIGS

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