19:21 video

You are devastated that your stepmom is not bringing you with her on vacation.  She has cancelled your flight and the hotel room.  You plead with her (implied and shot POV).  Tomiko decides to make you a deal.  She will need to shrink you with her phone App so that she can just put you in her suitcase and you can just share the room with her.  In order to travel with her, you also have to help her select a bikini to pack.  She shrinks you down and you are instructed to just look at her calves and feet as she changes.  You keep sneaking peeks as she gets undressed and tries on another bikini.  She catches you and makes you avert your eyes.  You do but then take another peek at her.  When the bikini is picked, she realizes that they may see you through the X-Ray machine so she can't pack you in the suitcase.  She thinks out loud maybe the bra? the mouth?  No.  She figures it out much to your dismay.  You will be shoved in her pussy like a tampon!  FETISH ELEMENTS:  GIANTESS, NUDITY, POV, BIKINIS, STRONG WOMEN, ASIAN, JAPANESE, MILF, BRUNETTE, MOUTH FETISH 

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