8:31 video

Tomiko is not feeling well.  She does a visit to see her doctor.  Shot POV, Tomiko talks to her doctor explaining the symptoms she is feeling...hard to breath, pain in the chest, weight on her chest, shortness of breath, etc.  The doctor tells her to change and put on a gown while he steps out.  Tomiko starts to gingerly remove her blouse.  She unbuttons her shirt slowly.  The pain in her chest seems to be getting worse.  She removes her heels and skirt as well, but this gesture is becoming more difficult.  She hasn't even had a chance to grab the gown off the table when she starts to get sharp pains in her chest.  She doesn't realize it until now...she is having a heart attack!  Tomiko urgently calls out to the doctor, but he can't hear her behind closed doors.  She can't breath.  She collapses to the ground giving into the pain.  Will the doctor come back in time to give her CPR?  FETISH ELEMENTS:  CPR, NUDITY, TOPLESS, LEGS, HIGH HEELS, MILF, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, ASIAN, ABS, FOOT FETISH

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