15:54 video

Tomiko  wonders why she got this flat in England for so cheap.  It is in a nice area and it's such a nice place!  She takes a shower after her train ride.  While she is in the shower, we some movement in the blanket in the bedroom.  It seems to be alive.  Tomiko does not know what she has in store as she comes out of the shower.  She notices that the bed looks a little messy and could have sworn she made the bed.  She notices some movement and a lump.  Wondering what it is, she starts to investigate it.  The monster in the blanket takes its opportunity.  It grabs at her biting her as it pulls her under the blanket.  Tomiko fights it and manages to get free only to try again.  She must know what is in the blanket.  This time she is not lucky.  The monster growls as it chews her up.  We see as her soles are the last thing sucked in and we can get an inside view of what the monster sees under the blanket.  Tomiko is aroused as she gets eaten and gives into the feeling of being chewed.  She doesn't know what is happening but she churns around moaning.  After digesting her, the blanket flattens out as the monster waits for its next victim to eat.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, EATING, SOLES, FOOT FETISH, LEGS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, ASIAN, JAPANESE, NUDITY, HAIRWASHING, SHOWERING, WET, ASS FETISH     

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