20:02 video

When Madame Diana Knight gets news that Galaxy Angel (Tomiko) is putting stops to all the robberies, she is asked by a client to help get rid of her once and for good.  Madame Diane has a giant worm monster that loves to feast on unsuspecting  Superheroines.  A call is made to Galaxy Angel's Headquarters.  She is in the middle of one of her exercise routines dressed in her tight spandex exercise suit.  She answers the call and will be right on it.  She stripes out of her spandex to put on her spandex catsuit.  She borrowd Wonder Tomi's belt for some extra power even though she clearly doesn't need it.  She shows up with a special device to freeze Madame Diana.  She uses her mind powers to start to release the evil from this villain.  While she is concentrating, the worm monsters rises behind her and attacks her.  Galaxy Angel is thrown to the ground.  This snaps the Madame out of her XXXX and she watches her the giant worm monsters snaps Galaxy Angels body causing her to go limp as she is slowly devoured.  We hear the growl of the monster and his jaws chewing the Superheroine.  She is swallowed whole, but the Worm must spit out her costume and boots.  Once that is done, he poops out Galaxy Angel.  The Galaxy Angel XXXX is put into a garnage back where the Madame will put it out in the trash.  She calls back her client and lets him know that she is now Galaxy XXXX and that she has the boots as a souvineer or in this case...a trophy for her wall.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, STRIP TEASE, SPANDEX, BOOT FETISH, VORE, FREEZE, FOOT FETISH, CATSUITS, BIG TITS, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES, DOMINATION, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, STUCK        

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