24:27 video

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) comes home after talking to young people  Being the role model to  many, she mentions how awesome it was to meet these youngsters and feels touched that many look up to her as a role model. She always sets a  good example and always wants to. She goes to her room and sits on  her bed, ready to relax but something feels wrong around the house like there's someone there. She starts to walk around cautiously through the room, and finds nothing.  She thinks she's tired and over thinking, but as she sits there pondering that thought, coming from behind her is a villain.   The Villain proceeds to sneak behind her with a  mind control device and turns it on as Wonder Tomi turns around.  She tries to do something but its too late!  Wonder Tomi is sucked into the device!!  She tries to resist till the end but its too late and she's under control. The  villain asks the basics to make sure, who she obeys, and does she enjoy being Mind Fucked.  She says, yes and the villain mentions that she will be humiliated, and mind controlled again. He makes her strip off her costume until she's completely bare naked. Once she's nude, the villain makes her knock herself out.  She does and lands on the bed, where she's tied spread eagle. She wakes up.  The mind fucking effects have worn off as she wonders what's going on. The villain returns as she makes her threats. The villain says he's disgusted with her.   She is supposed to be a role model to young people, yet she doesn't wear a bra or panties, and dresses like a slut. Wonder Tomi, obviously is offended, goes off on him with a verbal tirade after being insulted. The villain laughs it off mockingly saying such a great role model with  that language!   The villain finds her vibrator and says it'll be a  shame for the public to know she's a horny bitch, the villain vibes her to an orgasm. Wonder Tomi is angered but more humiliated, as the villain says maybe they need to do it again but video-taped so the whole world can see her reputation get destroyed. Wonder Tomi, of course, doesn't want that is too weak to beg for mercy. The villain says he has a better idea.  He will have Wonder Tomi go out in public naked,  Wonder Tomi says there's no way she would never do that. The villain  pulls out a pendant and makes her watch it go back and forth as she's  slowly mind controlled again. The villain asks her if she obeys him, and if  she wants to go out in public naked and ruin her reputation. She says  she would love to. The villain pulls the pendant out again and mind controls her more just in case.  He starts to untie  her to get her ready for the ultimate humiliation. FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, MIND FUCKED, ROBOTS, made STRIPPING, HUMILIATION, DOMINATION, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES, BONDAGE, made ORGASM, ORGASMS, VIBRATOR, HAND OVER MOUTH     

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