20:57 video

Gold Avenger (Miss Tiffany) gets a distress call from Knight Woman's cell phone.  What she doesn't know is that it is a trap by Tomi Kat(Tomiko).  Her plan is to destroy each supherheroine one at time subjecting them to her different monsters.  Gold Avenger transforms into her costume and heads to help her friend.  She arrives at the location and sees the cell phone but no Knight Woman.  Tomi Kat greets here with a special spray.  She coughs trying to resist but soon finds herself in dreamland.  Tomi Kat lifts and carries the petite Superheroine in her very skimpy sexy bikini into the house.  She carries her upstairs to her bedroom where her invisible conveyer belt is. She places the limp Superheroine on the floor and feels her body.  She puts special tape on her that will keep her from being able to move her body.  A timer is taped to her stomach.  Tomi Kat likes games and decides she will have some fun.  After 5 minutes, she will be dinner for her shark.  That's simple.  Tomi Kat likes that the Gold Avenger is helpless and knows her fate.  She sprays her again and reinforces her magic with a mask to keep the potion potent.  Gold Avenger is completely weak and helpless and the conveyor belt starts.  The Shark gets a nice smell of her pussy as it starts to chew on her body.  We hear the bones crunching as Golden Avenger slowly starts to go into the shark's mouth.  There is nothing she can do as the timer ticks down.  Her body keeps going in more as the shark chomps down on her body.  We hear the timer go off and that's when the shark does the final chomp that chews through her spine.  The head of the  silent Gold Aveneger's body is the last thing to go in.  The shark burps out her bikini and Tomi Kat once again has gotten rid of another Superheroine.  Who will be her next victim?  Can anyone put a stop to her madness or is the city doomed?  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, LIFT AND CARRY, SPANDEX, SKIMPY BIKINI, BOOT FETISH, EFFECTS, TAPE, MASK, DAMSEL IN DISTRESS, FREEZE, STUCK, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE,, PETITE, LONG HAIR       

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