18:30 video

Green Avenger (Tomiko) thinks she is going after Dark Man who she has never heard of before.  It turns out, it is a trick.  It's actually Minute Man, the brother of Nowhere Man!  He has his device and uses it to get a very angry Green Avenger who starts to attack him to disappear and reappear on the bed all bound in a lot of ropes!  She demands that he let her go, but he has more in store for her.  Grabbing his device he blinks on a tape gag that wraps all the way around her head.  He doesn't stop there.  He wants to humiliate her and tamper with her body.  He takes some scissors and cuts her costume in the sweet spots:  the tits, bellybutton, pussy and even where the ass cheeks are.  He pinches her nipples, and tickles her belly.  He spanks her ass numerous times.  He likes man handling her and showing her who the boss is.  He takes the vibrator that he uses his device to blink into his hand and turns it on.  He toys with the struggling Green Avenger, but he wants his fun.  He wants his control and he is going to XXXX her to have an orgasm and submit to him.  With a torn costume and all bound in rope, she is helpless to do anything about it.  She has an orgasm and feels humiliated.  He plans on continuing with the vibing all night long.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, made ORGASM, ORGASMS, BONDAGE, SPANDEX, TORN COSTUME, CATSUIT, TICKLING, SPANKING, NIPPLE TEASING, VIBRATORS, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES, BOOT FETISH, TAPE GAG, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, EFFECTS    

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