10:21 video

The Dollmaker (Tomiko) is on a roll.  She is collecting these cocky Superheroines that think they can take her on.  WW (Diana Knight) thinks she is going to bring the Dollmaker in.  What she doesn't realize is that the Dollmaker is powerful with her kisses.  She kisses her and manages to turn her into a doll.  She stands there stiff as the Dollmaker poses her.  She starts to snap out of it and takes the Dollmaker by surprise.  She kisses her again and realizes it must be the bracelets.  She removes them and starts to pose the frozen WW doll.  Once again she snaps out of it and the Dollmaker goes in for another kiss.  This time she realizes it must be the belt.  She removes that and the lasso.  Now for sure WW will remain her doll slave.  What is this!  After some more posing, she comes to again.  The Dollmaker goes in for another kiss.  This time she takes off the boots.  This has to be the trick, and indeed, it is.  After some posing with this frozen doll, she programs it to walk to her bedroom.  This doll is so exciting that she is going to make it a pleasure doll.  What better way to test it than trying it out herself.  The Dollmaker strips out of her costume as she follows her new doll into the bedroom for some all night fun!  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, DOLL FETISH, KISSING, FREEZE, BOOT FETISH, HUMILIATION, BRUNETTES, BOOT FETISH, DOMINATION, BIG TITS, ASIAN, JAPANESE, PANTYHOSE, made STRIPPING          

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