14:38 video

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) arrives home not knowing that there is a burglar in her house.  She transforms into Tomiko Prince after placing her lasso on the stairs.  The burglar sees the transformation and can't believe that he is in the house of Wonder Tomi!  He sneaks up behind Tomiko Prince in the livingroom and wraps the golden lasso around her.  He tells her she has to do what he says or he will reveal her identity.  She is XXXX to strip out of her clothes.  He asks about more lassos and she has an extra supply in the cabinet.  He uses the other ones to tie her up.  With all the magic lassos bound on her nude body, she is helpless with no control.  He teases her tits, squeezing her nipples and running his hands all over her body.  He even tickles her and spanks her.  She goes from laughing to crying out.  He decides that he is going to have her service him.  He is so turned on by all the fondling.  She is XXXX to her knees and he pulls out his cock (this is not a real one.  It's a dildo to give more of the idea of a blowjob for your visual pleasure).  She is XXXX to suck on his cock.  He doesn't plan on leaving.  He is going to stick around and have fun with Wonder Tomi all night long.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, made STRIPPING, NUDITY, BONDAGE, EFFECTS, FONDLING, TIT PINCHING, SPANKING, TICKLING, DILDO, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, BLOW JOB (WITH DILDO)          

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