11:11 video

Tomi Kat (Tomiko) and tricks another Superheroine, Knight Woman (Diana Knight).  She distracts her asking for directions until she turns to see it is Tomiko Kat and she has a special spray just for her.  She gasses her and then lifts and carries the sexy Knight Woman and brings her into the house.  She is carried into the bedroom where she is placed on the floor.  Her sexy body and big tits are falling out of the very skimpy bikini.  There is an invisible conveyer belt that Tomi Kat has built.  It is part of the floor.  Knight Woman after being sprayed again and then covered over her mouth with reinforcements, is XXXX into the waiting giant creature's mouth.  Tomi Kat finally found a way to get rid of Superheroines and at the same time keep the creature tame enough not to eat her.  The creature chews on Knight Woman's boots.  Not liking that, it chews it off and tastes her delicious skin.  We hear it growl and its teeth crunch as it chews on her body.  It chews her legs, feet, pussy...and works its way up to her belly and big tits.  She slowly gets pulled into its hungry mouth until there is nothing lift but a burped out bikini.  One down, so many more Superheroines to go!  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, SKIMPY BIKINI, BIG TITS, PARTIAL NUDITY, BRUNETTE, LEGS, LIFT AND CARRY, EFFECTS, STUCK, BITING    

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