11:27 video

Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) discovers Tomi Kat (Tomiko) stealing things in her house.  Tomi Kat tries to trick Wonder Womyn and it works.  She is able to make her go down for the count so that she can continue stealing.  The only problem is that Wonder Womyn keeps snapping out of it and she starts to try and give Tomi Kat an ass beating.  Tomi Kat realizes that she is no match for Wonder Womyn unless she removes her powerbelt.  She manages to punch her with a blow to the head and this sends her back into dreamland.  As Wonder Womyn starts to stir, Tomi Kat hits her with other ways to put her down.  her holds are effective as well as what she does to her neck.  While Wonder Womyn is gone each time, Tomi kat manages to play with her helpless limp body.  She mimicks her and she even lifts and carries her making fun of her.  She manages to get the most important stuff...all the power items...so she takes off with it to score some cash.  Heck...Tomi Kat may come back another time and bring her back to Vegas where Tomiko awaits.  She knows that she can sell Wonder Womyn to Tomiko for her slave trade business and make some big bucks from that.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, K'S, LIFT AND CARRY, LIMP PLAY, LIMP FETISH, HUMILIATION, DOMINATION, F/F FIGHTING, PUNCHING, SPANDEX, BOOT FETISH, BRUNETTES, BIG TITS, ASIAN, JAPANESE, PANTYHOSE          

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