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Tomiko invites Jasmine Mendez from her office home "for dinner!" The girl is thrilled as Tomiko is usually very standoffish & doesnt seem to have a lot of friends. She is new & doesn't know anybody.Tomiko has her sit on the couch & gets her a drink. She tells her she will be right back. Jasmine sips her drink, commenting on what a beautiful house Tomiko has! Suddenly, Tomiko rises from behind the couch dressed in a chef's costume. She begins to sprinkle pepper over Jasmine. She sneezes once or twice commenting that she must be coming down with the cold everybody at the office seems to have.Tomiko changes to another spice & start sprinkling it on her. She runs her hands thru her hair & disgustedly notices the granuals. She comments on how she needs to change shampoos as he obviously has dandruff! Tomiko shakes her head wondering how somebody could be so naive, but at the same time, happy she is! She moves on to a 3rd spice & begins to sprinkle it on her. Jasmine looks down & sees the spice on her arms, legs & clothes. She stares at it in confusion? "What the hell is all over me?" She reaches down & glides a couple of fingers up her thigh. She stares at the spices. She rubs the grit between her fingers. She smells it. Finally, she tastes it. She is stunned! She reaches down with the other hand, gliding 2 fingers up her other thigh. She tastes it again. She comes to a horrible realization! "OMG! This tastes good! I taste good! I'm being seasoned like food!" She slowly turns to see Tomiko standing over her, spices in hand. "OMG! What are you doing? Are you seasoning me?" Tomiko laughs. "Yes, of course I am! I invited you for dinner, but I neglected to tell you that you are the main course!" She is shocked! "Are you crazy! Are you really going to try to eat me?" You laugh! "Oh no, not me! My pet Fluffy is going to eat you!" She stammers that she doesn't understand, but then she sees the door & opts to make a break for it. You are quicker & after a swift punch, she's down for the count. Tomiko sets her up for Fluffy & give her one last coat of seasoning before calling to Fluffy. Tomiko also give her a bit of a fondling commenting how firm she is & how smooth her legs are. Fluffy comes in & starts to eat her head first. She wakes up about half way thru screaming & struggling! It does her no good as she is slowly devoured. Fluffy spits out her clothes. FETISH ELEMENTS; VORE, STUCK, STRUGGLING, LATINA, LATINO, LEGS, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, BRUNETTES, ASIANS, JAPANESE, HUMOR





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