14:51 video

Robyn (Tomiko) gets back to her hotel in Los Angeles after a very busy day of fighting crime.  There is a ton of crime in LA and she is worn out.  She gets back to her room not knowing that the Invisible Man has broken in.  He has gone through her stuff and is interrupted when she opens the door.  He sees his opportunity to have some fun with her.  Robyn tries to confront him but without being able to see him, she is helpless.  He takes punches at her and even clubs her over the head. He limp plays with her body and plays with her mouth, moving her head back and forth and her limp arms and legs.  We see her pussy up her costume and he decides to pick her up and dance around with her.  She comes to while upward and starts to confront him again but he toys with her somewhere, stripping her out of her costume.  She fights him but without the utility belt she is no match for him.  She is put down again and played with some more.  She is carried to the side of the bed.  Her nude body is ready to be played with again.  He preps her by holding down her body as she becomes coherent again and he makes her vibe herself until she is XXXX to have an orgasm.  She is carried off to another room where he will have his way with her.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, made STRIPPING, LIMP FETISH, LIMP PLAY, NUDITY, ORGASMS, made ORGASMS, VIBRATOR, PUSSY, BOOT FETISH, BRUNETTE, ASIAN, JAPANESE, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION        

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