22:13 video

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) thinks that she has a way to finally catch Kat Woman (Candleboxxx). She breaks into Kat Woman's hideout and places Dumb Cat spray that smells like fish and leads to a can of catfood that she places. Kat Woman comes home and takes the bait. She is disappointed when she sees the can of catfood thinking it is going to be more of a gourmet feline feast. A net drops on her and she is trapped. Wonder Tomi steps in with a bat and bops her over the head. Kat Woman is tied up and left to struggle while Wonder Tomi, being cocky, thinks she has time for a nap before calling in the authorities. Kat Woman escapes and gets her revenge, spraying a special stuck spray. Wonder Tomi opens her eyes and can't move. Kat woman torments her and humiliates her. She puts a vibrator on Wonder Tomi's pussy and it remains stuck there. To humiliate her even more, she pulls down her top and bottoms exposing Wonder Tomi's tits and pussy and sticks the vibrator on her until she has an orgasm. It remains on her pussy while Kat Woman makes her escape. Wonder Tomi is being exposed on her special pussy site and webcam and will remain there all night for all of Kat Woman's members. What's the matter Wonder Tomi? Kat got your tongue? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, STIUCK, VIBRATOR, ORGASMS, made ORGASM, BOOT FETISH, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, SPANDEX, CATSUITS, made STRIPPING, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES, REDHEADS, LONG HAIR, BONDAGE

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