21:14 video

Tomiko is a Training Supervisor who is Training a couple of new Superheroines, Merrique and Beth. They won't be assgined names until they are able to pass the training. Tomiko has them split up to do a hide and ambush drill. What they don't know is that Tomiko has decided to offer a deal to Tomi Kat. She participates in going after these wanna be Superheroines and K'ing them and tying them up and she gets her "Get Out Of Jail" card. Tomi Kat ambushes them one at a time. She rags one girl and clubs the other. Both of them are dragged into the living room where she plays with their limp bodies and then ties them together. They awake and start struggling. Somehow they manage to get loose and they each think that the other will go after the person responsible. They each think of themselves as superior to the other. A cat fight breaks out and finally one ends up dominating the other. She fondles and removes the other's bikini. The other comes to and does the same to the other one. Now the two sexy nude girls fight some more. One goes down and the other one gets a surprise from Tomi Kat and down she goes. They are both hogtied nude and theya re blindfolded with a rag tied on their mouth. Tomi Kat gets a congrats from the instructor and is allowed to walk free. Guess these two Superheroines are not ready for the real world and need to go back to training. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, CATFIGHT, K'S, BIKINIS, BOOT FETISH, DEBOOTING, BLINDFOLDS, GAGGING, TAPE, made STRIPPING, FONDLING, SPANDEX, MASK FETISH, ASS FETISH, BONDAGE, BRUNETTES, AFRICAN AMERICAN, ASIAN, JAPANESE


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