18:47 video

Strongman Lance has agreed to arm wrestle Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) for charity. Of course, he knows that he is going to win and will just cut the poor Superheroine a check and be a nice guy...the only thing is that Wonder Tomi beats him no problem. She even arm wrestles with her other arm and beats him as well. The camera girl makes fun of him and he doesn't like it one bit. Wonder Tomi even pokes a little fun at him. The camera girl leaves and Strongman Lance decides he is going to give her e neck pinch while removing her belt. Wonder Tomi goes down. He limp plays with her body and makes her do an arm wrestling match with her limp arm. Who is the winner now, Wonder Tomi? He decides that he is going to see what is under that costume of hers. He strips her out of her costume and likes what he sees. He fondles her limp body. This makes him really horny. He starts to get other ideas. He takes some tape and ties her up with it...making her even more helpless. She comes to only to be silenced with tape over her mouth. Now she's perfect. She is bound, nude, helpless, and silent...just the way he likes his bitches. He fondles her some more and then decides that he is going to fuck her. She gets fucked with legs up in the air (simulated) and he reaches the finish line. That's your charity Wonder Tomi. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, TAPE, TAPE GAG, TAPE BONDAGE, K'S, ARM WRESTLING, HUMILIATION, made STRIPPING, LIMP PLAY, LIMP FETISH, DOMINATION, BOOT FETISH, FOOT FETISH, SOLES, ASS FETISH, FUCKING (SIMULATED), LEGS, ASIANS, JAPANESE, SPANKING

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