16:09 video

Lacey Lane is a snooty secretary for Dr. Tomiko. Dr. Tomiko has an age regression syrum she wants to try on someone but she needs a test subject. Lacey is the perfect person. It might even make her nicer! She surprises her with a syringe to the arm. Lacey and wakes up a 16 year old. She is bratty as can be and your worst nightmare. Dr. Tomiko sticks her with the syringe again and this time she is turned back to being a 3 year old. She starts to seem sweet, but then has a tantrum. Annoyed, Dr. Tomiko sticks her in the ass with the syringe and now she is a b a b y. She has diapers on and plays around on the ground with her bunny. She crawls and coos. She is as sweet as can be. Dr. Tomiko leaves the room just for a second and the b a b y Lacey crawls away. Tomiko gets back and realizes she is missing and needs to find her fast before the office people find out about her little experiment. FETISH ELEMENTS: ADULT DIAPERS, DIAPERS, AGE REGRESSION, FOOT FETISH, BLONDE, NUDITY

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