12:53 video

Red Riding Hood (AnnaBelle Lee) is off to grandma's house to deliver some food for her since she has been ill. On the way, she runs into a Wolf (Tomiko). She doesn't feel comfortable but tries to be polite until the wolf starts to fondle her legs and body. She runs off, but the Wolf knows where grandma's house is and also knows a shortcut. The Wolf breaks in and sees that dear old granny is at the hospital and she wants Red to meet her there. TheWolf has other ideas. She takes off her clothes and puts on granny's nightgown. She also puts on a granny wig to complete the disguise. Red shows up and doesn't suspect anything at first, but when she gets closer to granny, granny doesn't look that great. "What big eyes you have...the better to see you...What big ears you have...the better to hear you...What big hands you have, as the Wolf fondles her legs....the better to touch that delcious skin....What big teeth you have...the better to eat you with!!! The Wolf attacks K'ing out Red. She is tied at the wrists and ankles. She is lifted and carried around the room and then fed to the Wolf's friend Fluffy. There is nothing Red can do...she is eaten alive and squirming. The Wolf doesn't even get a drumstick. Some friend you are, Fluffy. Next meal will be mine! FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, SOCK FETISH, SOCKS, COSTUMES, LIFT AND CARRY, LIGHT BONDAGE, K'S, LONG HAIR, REDHEADS, ASIANS, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES

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