25:36 video

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) has an important map given to her for safe keeping by Professor Northbound. It shows the exact location for the Devil's Ruby worth millions. There is a guide that he found by the name of Renobinder. The problem is, this guide has other plans. He shows up at the house where Wonder Tomi is watching the map and tries to get it from her. Wonder Tomi wasn't given any instructions to give the map to anyone. I fight breaks out. Wonder Tomi beats the guy down and puts her lasso on him. He is XXXX to tell her the truth. She asks him who he really is and he repeats..."I am number 1". Something catches her attention and she sees the same person staring at her from the hallway. He says, "I am number 2. Give me that map.". Another of the same man is in the kitchen..."I am number 3...give me that map." Another one pops out by the table and says, "I am number 4. Give me that map." They all come at her from different directions. Wonder Tomi realizes that somehow this man has cloned himself. All the Renobinders attack her from different sides...holding her legs, her arms and finally she gets K'd. She is carried to the bedroom and each of the clones follow...all with a different assignment of what they are going to do to her. One carries her, one strips her out of her costume and fondles her nude body, while another one ties her up, blindfolds and gags her. The last one ties a vibrator to her and she is XXXX to have multiple orgasms. They keep her there tied orgasming and they all leave with the map and pieces of her costume. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, BONDAGE, ORGASMS, made ORGASMS, MULTIPLE ORGASMS, VIBRATOR, LIFT AND CARRY, made STRIPPING, LIMP PLAY, BLINDFOLDS, TAPE, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE, FONDLING, FOOT FETISH, PUSSY

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