9:07 video

Nowhere Man makes a deal with Mischief (Delila B) to get Wonder Tomi (Tomiko).  He loans out his device so that she can use it to get Wonder Tomi back to his place.  She will get a huge cash reward for bringing Wonder Tomi to him.  She confronts Wonder Tomi right away and hits a button.  Must have been the wrong button...Wonder Tomi's tierra is on her head and her hat is on Wonder Tomi.  She hits another buttom and Wonder Tomi is naked.  Another button and she is tied up.  She toys with Wonder Tomi fondling her.  She hits the button again.  This time Wonder Tomi is out of her ropes but when she goes to get Mischief, another button is hit and they end up where Nowhere Man is.  Not only that, Wonder Tomi is tied up again.  Mischief asks for her money after handing back the gadget but Nowhere Man has what he wants now and hits a buttom.  Mischief turns into a lamp and Wonder Tomi is now all his to do whatever he wants to her.  FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, BONDAGE, EFFECTS, BBW, FONDLING, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES, BLONDES, LONG HAIR, BOOT FETISH, STRUGGLING, HUMOR        

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