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Dixie Comet is a French Maid hired to clean Tomiko's house. When she arrives, Tomiko is pleasantly surprised to see that this maid is super cute and nice and meaty. She does need her house cleaned though so maybe she will not feed this one to Fluffy. She gives Fluffy a pat on the head while she heads to do some work in her office. Fluffy could smell the maid downstairs. He heads down the stairs and gets a good sniff and look at her. His mouth starts to water and he decides to attack. Dixie Comet doesn't see him coming and is thrown to the ground. Fluffy starts to eat her and her legs kick as she screams for help. Tomiko runs down and manages to pull her out. Fluffy...not this one...but then the maid cops an attitude and threatens to call the police. Tomiko does not like this. She K's her out and ties her ankles and wrists. She starts to season Dixie. Dixie wakes up and asks her what she is doing and when she realizes she is being seasoned, she freaks. Tomiko wastes no time feeding her to Fluffy. The struggling French Maid slowly gets devoured until there is nothing left. Fluffy burps out her head piece. What a mess! There are feathers everywhere. Tomiko may have to call a maid service to clean this all up, but maybe she will have to throw Fluffy in a room and close the door. Her house will never get cleaned at this rate! FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, STUCK, LEGS, FRENCH MAID, SOCK FETISH, FOOT FETISH, STRUGGLING, BRUNETTES, ASIAN, JAPANESE, HIGH HEELS, LIGHT BONDAGE, UPSKIRT

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