17:13 video

The Mad Scientist (Jack) has invented a potion that will help him build an army that will be unstoppable, but he needs someone to help him fertilize....Wonder Tomi (Tomiko). Little does she know she is walking into a trap. He surprises her by throwing toxic cockroaches onto her body. The green fumes extract from the bugs and down Wonder Tomi goes. Jack leaves the vulnerable nude Wonder Tomi on the bed. It is time to change. He drinks his potion and we see green smoke extract from his body. He turns into a giant cockroach! Now he can fulfill his dream to build his army! He throws more toxic bugs on Wonder Tomi as she starts to become alert. The green fumes extract XXXX her to be stuck to the bed. The cockroach pulls out his cock (dildo) and jams it into her mouth to make her fertile, He extracts a green toxic smoke that we see come out of her mouth. She is ready to breed with. He mounts her (simulated sex) and fucks her then moves her body into another position fucking her some more. She can't fight back and he is able to finalize his plan by injecting her with his toxic sperm. Wonder Tomi is left there as a womb for the baby cockroaches that start to come out of her pussy. In days, they will be full frown part human, part cockroach and will be unstoppable with the combo of insect and Wonder Tomi's superheroine powers. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, DILDO, SIMULATED BLOW JOB, SIMULATED FUCKING, EFFECTS, FONDLING, made STRIPPING, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES, FOOT FETISH, PUSSY  

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