12:19 video

Tomiko finds out that Dixie Comet is seeing her boyfriend.  She buys a device from the underground market that is supposed to make a person go back in age everytime you zap them with it.  Tomiko's give it a try and it works!  She zaps Dixie with the big attitude from woman to a younger adult.  She still has attitude and looks like she will be trouble so she zaps her again.  This time she is a much younger girl.  She seems a little bratty, so Tomiko zaps her again.  Much better.  In her diapers and as an adult baby, she will not get in Tomiko's way and she gets her boyfriend back.  This is a handy device.  She might have to use it one someone else that she doesn't get along with.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  ADULT XXXX, AGE REGRESSION, EFFECTS, XXXX FETISH, BRUNETTE, TRANSFORMATION, POV     

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