17:15 video

Ariel is a flight attendant from England who has a huge layover in Las Vegas.  She is recommended by someone to stay at Tomiko's Bed and Breakfast place.  Tomiko's newest idea to get international cruisine for Fluffy was to set up a kind of boarding house for flight attendants.  Excited that Fluffy gets to eat someone from England she can't wait until this one arrives.  She is an amazon!  Tomiko can't believe her luck!  Plenty of meat for Fluffy!  She sets up the bedroom so Ariel can rest before its dinner time.  Fluffy goes into the room and pulls down her socks with his hand like mandibles.  He licks her legs and retreats when she starts to wake up.  Ariel can't understand why her legs are wet.  She wipes them with a towel and pulls the socks back up. Tomiko asks her if there is a problem and then gets short with Ariel when she complains.  She tells her dinner is about ready.  Ariel lays down for a little bit more and gets another visit from Fluffy.  He does the same exact thing and then retreats.  Ariel can't understand what is going on and decides to eat.  This house is weird.  She goes downstairs and Tomiko greets her introducing her to Fluffy.  Fluffy starts to taste her again and then he attacks. Ariel can't do anything has she gets slowly eaten.  I think Fluffy is going to get a taste for International cruisine.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, SOCKS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, AMAZONS, BLONDES, BRUNETTES, ASIAN, JAPANESE      

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